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I’raab course

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I’raab course

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What you'll learn
A study of a unique method of understanding Arabic I'raab (declension), featuring a 5-step approach in determining the diacritical markings of any given word in any Arabic sentence. Key contents of the course includes the study of following:
• indeclinable words (المبنيات)
• declinable words (المعربات)
• grammatical states/moods (رفع، نصب، جر، جزم)
• causes of declension (وجه الإعراب)
• diacritical markings (علامات الإعراب)
• declension of the declinable nouns (إعراب الأسماء المتمكنة)
• declension of the imperfect tense verb (إعراب الفعل المضارع)
• Application of i'raab on the last chapters of the Holy Qur'an
NB: You will not be learning grammatical concepts surrounding i'raab at random and in isolation, rather every apect of the study, in sha' Allah everything will piece together like a puzzle.